Posted by: Paul Hewitt | February 1, 2011

Disaster Hits Toronto (Few Saw it Coming)!

It has been a relatively mild winter in Toronto this year.  Even parts of the Southern U.S. have been hit harder than we have.  It’s just as well, too.  While we do know how to drive in snow, we’re a bunch of babies when it does come down after Christmas Eve.  We’re about to get hit with a snow storm that is wrecking havoc across the US midwest.  This reminded me of another snowstorm that hit Toronto.

For a bit of comic relief, I present this video news report.  It pokes fun at Torontonians, who seem to have acquired a reputation for being, well, shall we say, a bit sensitive when confronted by inconveniences (or even Acts of God for that matter).  Enjoy.  Being a prediction market blog, I should note that no prediction market could have seen this storm coming.  We were caught completely by surprise.


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